About Us and Why Family Travel

Welcome to our family travel blog! We are the Wandering Robinsons. We are a Florida family of four who loves to travel and explore new places and collect memories rather than things! Allow us to introduce ourselves…

First up…Clay, aka Clayman, Puppy, or Dirt…At 14 and finally passed mom in height, he’s your typical teenage boy…always hungry, into video games (any kind of games really…board games, card games…) and all kinds of sports including fishing, theater, and always looking for adventure. He loves roller coasters and thrill-seeking in general (much to his parents’ concern), and he’s the quickest in our family to give a hug and an “I love you!” A little kid magnet and animal lover, he can often be found taking the time to play with small children or noticing all of God’s creatures. He’s also been known to have some mean dance moves!

Next up…Bryce aka B, BK, B-rice, Kitty Cat, or Pooh Bear…She’s the artistic eye and photo editor extraordinaire behind our account. A thrill-seeker like her brother, she is a great travel companion (as long as you feed her and let her sleep!) who loves it all (mountains, beaches, and cities). She loves thrift stores, unique style (clothing and home decor), and photography, but she is also an athlete and fiercely independent all while remaining intensely loyal to her family and friends. A peacemaker by nature, she easily pairs up with anyone and finds common ground, and she is wise beyond her 17 years.

Next up…Clint aka CJ, Clinton, Clintone, that boy…The quietest of this crazy bunch, he can also be the goofiest. Skilled at just about everything (if it needs fixing, he can figure out how to do it) and very creative (where Bryce gets her artistic eye), he lives for finding deals and plundering in antique and thrift stores. The only morning person in this crew, he loves to explore in the morning and only reluctantly gets drug along on night adventures (ask him about our recent star gazing at Bryce Canyon). He often thinks the pace of our travels are a bit too much (he still refers to the Disney trips when the kids were little as Disney Boot Camp), but, as the terrific husband and dad that he is, he always goes along for the ride (as long as it doesn’t require too much motion or to get too close to cliffs). Definitely prefers the outdoor adventures to the city ones though!

And the last member of the Wandering Robinsons…Mika aka Madre or Meeka…The one typically behind our travels and these posts, I’ve always loved to travel and explore. I was fortunate as a child to see most of the continental US, and my parents taught me to work hard but dream big. So, it surprised no one when I chose to study abroad in Australia! The only one of the four of us who doesn’t get sick of sightseeing at the end of a long trip, I’ve been known to try to pack a few too many things in too little time.

Honestly, planning our trips and surprising everyone with cool things along the way is almost as enjoyable as the actual travel for me. When I’m not planning our next adventure, you can find me in a gym (I’m a volleyball coach and LOVE my job), on a local beach or our boat, or on my back porch. The quintessential night owl, I’m also a bit of a coffee addict and have been known to go to great lengths to find local coffee shops. In general, I enjoy any kind of sport or game (easily the most competitive in the family with Clay a close second). However, relationships with my friends and family (that includes my volleyball family) are my top priority, and I LOVE experiencing the world from others’ perspectives as we explore this beautiful world.

We invite you to join us on this journey of family travel. If we have our way, we will be traveling as a family for many years to come!