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Lodging in Grand Cayman on a Budget

If you’re dreaming of a family vacation on a beautiful Caribbean island but don’t want to break the bank, this post is for you! Grand Cayman is an incredibly beautiful island that is easily accessible from the U.S., but it can be a pricey destination. Keep reading to find out how to find lodging in Grand Cayman on a budget!

How We Found Lodging in Grand Cayman on a Budget

Earlier this year, we learned about the magic that is HomeExchange. Do you remember the movie “The Holiday”? HomeExchange was the inspiration behind that 2006 romantic comedy that starred Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. That fact alone was almost enough for us to say yes!

We signed up for our membership so that we could begin our search for our next vacation. This is one of our favorite parts. Becoming a member is an easy process and requires a one-time annual membership fee of $175. There’s no additional exchange of money between guests and hosts. So, for that one fee, you can do as many exchanges as you would like throughout the year. To make it even better, HomeExchange is the #1 home exchange community in the world, with over 450,000 homes in 159 countries.

There is another really cool feature of HomeExchange. In addition to reciprocal exchanges, you can also utilize GuestPoint exchanges. If for some reason the host isn’t able or doesn’t want to travel when the guest has requested an exchange, GuestPoints can be utilized, wherein the person whose home is being occupied is given a certain amount of GuestPoints to be used for an exchange at a later date. It’s a non-reciprocal home exchange. The best part is that GuestPoints never expire. You even get a certain number of GuestPoints just for signing up and completing your profile.

We Discovered HomeExchange, Now What?

Now, to find our ideal lodging in Grand Cayman! The search process is simple. The HomeExchange search engine lets you pick anywhere in the world to see available homes. You can search with or without dates. You can view properties via the map or the list view. Then, you can reach out directly to the owners to arrange the exchange.

In fact, the HomeExchange network encourages a sense of community between members, and it feels more like connecting with friends. The platform even helps you get to know your host and tells you how responsive they are to requests. It really is an easy process!

Here Is How It Went…Lodging in Grand Cayman on a Budget

We found the perfect house for our family! It was a four-bedroom, three-bath newer construction home with all of the amenities we could ask for, AND it was minutes from the best beaches on the island as well as conveniences like a grocery store and restaurants!

Our HomeExchange home was the perfect home base to explore all that Grand Cayman has to offer. We were able to snorkel in various locations, catch the sunset on 7 Mile Beach, or take a short drive into town for some great meals and shopping, all while feeling like a local and living in a neighborhood. In addition, our host was actually on-site as he had a small cottage on the same property, and he made our stay even more memorable by cutting us fresh coconut and recommending all of the best spots on the island.

Our Favorite Spots on Grand Cayman

  • Cemetery Beach – the beach that was within walking distance of our house and one of the best stretches of snorkeling and sandy beaches on the island!
  • Starfish Point – the accessibility to and number of starfish here were amazing!
  • Eden’s Rock – great spot for both snorkeling and diving!
  • Governor’s Beach – our favorite portion of 7 Mile Beach for just lounging on the sandy beach.
  • Spott’s Beach – a terrific spot to relax, snorkel, and maybe even see sea turtles.

While Grand Cayman is not the most budget-friendly Caribbean destination, you can find affordable lodging in Grand Cayman without blowing your budget. Check out HomeExchange for the absolute best way to experience this paradise without spending a fortune. This stay definitely made us believers, and we are already looking forward to our next adventure! If you need inspiration for other Caribbean locations, be sure to check out Dominica and the USVI!

This article was created in partnership with HomeExchange.

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